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Awards and Reviews:

Off-site articles are not under the control of Author Direct and the content and availability of these articles is subject to change. Over 50 awards have been granted to Passwords Max to date. Please note that prior to March 31st, 2003, Passwords Max was called Passwords Plus.  All awards given to Passwords Plus prior to March 31st 2003 refer to our product.  The following reviews have been modified to update the product name accordingly.

  • "Passwords Max is powerful, yet easy-to use... Perfect for novices and power users alike..."
  • "No other password management utility combines the power and ease-of -use of Passwords Max! Get it - you won't regret it!"  
  • "Passwords Max for Groups gives you the power to securely and easily share your passwords...  Passwords Max for Groups includes all the powerful features of Passwords Max and more."
  • SmartComputing Magazine's Smart Choice

    These days, you need a password to access just about everything. Many Web sites require you to choose a password and username when signing up or registering for services and information, for example. Businesses often require employees to log onto company networks with a password. Some users also password-protect programs on their systems to keep prying eyes from financial data or other private information.

    Using a password management program, you can reduce the number of passwords you'll need to remember to only one. You can also keep track of and access all of your other passwords and generate extremely complex passwords to effectively secure your data or network access. In the following paragraphs, we'll review some of the most popular password management applications and compare the features and options for each. We'll then choose one program as our Smart Choice, the best in the roundup.

    You get a lot for your money with Passwords Max 3.41. You can print password lists, create 128-character passwords, and automatically send passwords and usernames to Web sites and programs that require them, although you won't find many programs that accept passwords that long. You can also encrypt documents.

    After installing and launching the program, you'll see a main screen with a sample password list with numerous headings, such as Category, URL, Name, Date, and Expired. Sorting tabs above let you sort the list according to the various headings, and several buttons below let you send information in each heading to the Clipboard so you can easily paste and copy the data into a document or field on a Web page. The process was not complicated.

    Passwords Max has many useful redeeming features. Using the New Password Account wizard, for example, you can create new passwords and associate URLs (uniform resource locators) so you can quickly launch a program from your Password Plus file and enter your password and username into the online fields. The program creates passwords with up to 128 characters, including numbers, letters, and symbols; by far the strongest password-generating capability of any program in our head-to-head review.

    You can then cut and paste these long passwords into a program or Web site's password field, or you can set up the program to automatically send username and password information to Web sites or password-protected applications. You can set expiration dates for your passwords and set time limits before deleting the contents of the Clipboard or closing Passwords Max. In addition, you can print reports listing all of your passwords, associated URLs, usernames, and more.

    What really sets Passwords Max apart, though, is its 56-bit to 320-bit encryption options; you can use its proprietary encryption program or Blowfish, Triple DES, or DES, among others, for documents. You can encrypt folders and documents from any program on your Desktop to keep other people from accessing the data. The program saves the newly encrypted file with an .ENC extension, and you can only decrypt it through Passwords Max, using the proper password.

    Numerous security and management features, combined with a low price, make the $25 Passwords Max program an application that's hard to beat. A newer version is available that makes the interface more intuitive and easier to use, and the program has the security features you need to keep your passwords and data safe from prying eyes.

  • Finalist in 7th Annual ZDNet Shareware Awards

  • Winner of the prestigious "Cool Tool" Award!

  • ZDNet gave Passwords Max FIVE stars

    "Passwords Max is a slick little utility that manages your passwords. It's easy use and should prove quite useful in organizing the many passwords required by most users. It supports an unlimited number of users and permits each to keep an individual, encrypted, password-protected list of their passwords. Stored names and passwords can be copied and pasted into other applications or can be sent automatically by using the Passwords Max Monitor that resides in the system tray. When the monitor recognizes a window title, it sends the information, complete with tabs and carriage returns that fully automate the process. You can have the program generate new passwords, assign expiration dates, and browse and print the password list. This powerhouse utility even lets you encrypt sensitive files on your computer. A handy wizard interface enables you to add new entries with a minimum of fuss. Excellent documentation is available." Reviewed on Feb 15 2001

  • Windows95.com said "Get It"Get It!

  • Winner of Softseek's Editor's Pick AwardEditors_Pick.GIF (5224 bytes)

  • Winner of "My Shareware Page!" Elite Award

  • Winner of Shareware Junkies Best Software Award

  • Computer Life said Passwords Max was one of "The Best Things in Life..."

  • TUCOWS gave Passwords Max 5 "cows"5 Cows

  • Surfin's Selection of the Best Windows 95 Apps

  • Super Shareware 5 Star Award


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