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Schedule Wizard


Schedule Wizard can be used for everything from a simple reminder to complex tasks that you wish to automate.

Here are just a few examples of what our existing users do:

  • System maintenance such as making backups, de-fragmenting and repairing hard drives.
  • Start and stop programs.
  • Start and stop playback of various media.
  • Copy, move, or backup files to a network or Internet location.
  • Interact with other applications so that they may be run unattended (run a program in batch mode, even when it doesn't have a batch mode!).
  • Automate repetitive data entry, analysis, and calculations.
  • Create macros.
  • Send e-mail.
  • Retrieve newsgroup headers and messages.
  • Get stock quotes on a regular basis.
  • Get reminders and advanced warning of important events.
  • Use it as an alarm clock.
  • Compile and test software.
  • Record a radio program overnight.
  • Run month-end accounting processes.

If you do it every day, if you do it once in a while, or even if you do it once, you can do it easier and more reliably with Schedule Wizard!