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Schedule Wizard


Schedule Wizard sports a clean multiple-document, multi-threaded interface, and a wide variety of easy-to-use wizards.

An alternate interface is available:

Above we see the full display of all tasks past and present.  The display can be filtered to show selected tasks, such as only those that are uncompleted, only those for a specific date, only those for a specific category, or only those matching a query that you create. A single right-click on the list of scheduled tasks gives you quick access to many options and functions (left).

Wizards are available to guide you through the addition of tasks that run programs, display messages, and process advanced scripting.

In addition to the basic function of starting programs and displaying messages, Schedule Wizard also helps you automate your computer through advanced, yet easy-to-use, script actions.

Schedule Wizard also features a contact database, list of to do items, and  a clipboard manager.  Optional features include a macro recorder, NT Service module, and "hot keys" which trigger tasks or type text at the press of a button! It does all this for less than half the price of its major competitors!