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About Author Direct Shareware

Author Direct Shareware started in 1993, with a focus on CD-ROM front end software, and software collection management software for home users.

In 1995, with the introduction of Schedule Pro, Passwords Plus (now Passwords Max), MusiFind Pro, and Schedule Wizard, our focus switched to Windows-based utilities intended for a broad range of clients. Our products have been purchased by home users, office professionals, and IT professionals and today are in use in such companies as Microsoft, Seagate, Intel, Suisse-Boston, American Golf, and thousands more.

Schedule Wizard, Passwords Max, and MusiFind Pro have each won numerous awards from prestigious organizations, and we're proud of both the quality and usefulness of our products.


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Our customer service and unconditional money-back guarantee have earned us the ZD Net Software Vendors' Hall of Fame Award.

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In the unlikely event you are unsatisfied with any of our products for any reason, contact us or the vendor where you purchased that product within 30 days of your purchase, and we will rectify your concerns or happily refund your money.

Please note that we can only refund your money after we have received it!  A signed statement that all copies of returned software have been returned or destroyed may be required.


Privacy Policy

All information or material received from clients is treated as confidential and never released to third parties without express permission. Customer information is only used to contact clients regarding their product (eg. upgrade instructions).