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Download Download the latest ABC Free Templates and Tools for Clarion
Release notes (click here for revision date)

Download Download ABC Free Templates and Tools for Clarion 5 or 5.5
Release notes (click here for revision date)

Includes the following functions and templates:
API: Get last error from API
API: Registry functions (Global access to the Windows Registry)
API: Close on Windows Shutdown
API: Enumerate Windows - Refresh Child Queue on Gain Focus Event
API: Enumerate Windows - Refresh Child Queue
API: Enumerate Windows - Refresh Queue on Gain Focus Event
API: Enumerate Windows - Refresh Queue
API: Enumerate Windows and Child Windows (32-bit Only)
API: NT Service Global Support
API: Send keys to another application
API: Subclass (Tray Icon, Shutdown, Hot Keys, etc)
API: Terminate a Process (uses EXE name) (32-bit Only)
API: Windows System Tray Icon Support
Browse: Add an Action to a List Box Pop Up
Browse: Call Standard Update Form to View
Browse: Filter based on Combo contents (ABC)
Browse: Filter based on Combo with surrounding group box (ABC)
Browse: Reselect List After Tab Change
Browse: Call Standard Update Form to View
Browse: Copy record from a Browse Box (ABC)
Browse: Move Sequenced Records Up/Down (ABC)
Browse: Save/Restore Control Formats between sessions
Date: Set Date Field Formats at Runtime
Embed: Add/remove templates
Embed: Generate PUTINI statements in empty embeds
Embed: Display EMBED() information
Embed: Make a template using code inside embeds
File: Transfer between Blob and DOS File (functions)
Form: Insert (new) without a browse
Form: String wrapping (Class)
Form: Support View Mode (Class)
Form: Support View on Standard Update Form
Form: Update without a browse
Form: Wizard Buttons for forms with an OK and Cancel
Function: Call Calendar function
Function: Replace string, Split string, Concatenate string
Function: Relies, EndsWith, Quote, TextToQueue
Function: OCXCalendar
Keys: DOS-style Enter key (Enter=Tab)
Keys: Global Alert
Library: Add a 16/32 library to the current project
Lookup: Fetch a related record, copy fields
Lookup: Find a value
Lookup: Find value to print on report
Lookup: Find value, show the description
Lookup: Trigger previous entry control
Lookup: Put result of lookup in variable
Misc: File-based popup selection
Misc: Force window to top when opened (Windows 98 Kludge)
Misc: Omit all code in procedure if 32-bit
Misc: Override an error message for a file
Misc: Set Button Properties (Make All Buttons Flat)
Misc: Set palette to 256 on window with focus, 0 on all others
Misc: Omit all code in procedure if 16-bit
Printer: **ALPHA** Add UsePrinter procedure (Global)
Printer: **ALPHA** Save and restore printer settings
Printer: **ALPHA** Use printer based on procedure name
Procedure: Call print procedure(s)
Procedure: Call with parameters
Process: Use Logout
Process: Use Stream/Flush
Report: Apply code to all procedures after printing detail section (Legacy)
Report: Apply code to all procedures before printing detail section (Legacy)
Report: Set control fonts at run-time
Thread: Only allow a procedure to be started once
Values: Create an equate for the Application Name(s)
Values: Standard functions and values (Global)
Values: Assign program variables to template values
Values: Copy frame menu item equates into global variables
Values: Create numbered equates using file names
Values: Get Computer Name (32 Bit Only)
Values: Get Windows User Name (32-bit only)
Values: Global variables for application generation date/time

C55 to C5 application converter
Modifies a TXA exported from a C55 application so that it can be imported into C5 - Free

WinAPI Toolkit version 1.3 for CW 1.5, 2.0, and C4 - Free

  • Supports Clarion for Windows version 1.5 through C4 (legacy and ABC templates).
  • A template for Clarion for Windows that will allow your 16- and 32-bit applications to politely close down when Windows closes down, instead of the default CW action of cancelling the Windows shut down.
  • Use the Win 95 / NT 4.0 icon tray (32-bit).
  • Gives access to all windows messages (events).
  • Enumerate active windows (32-bit).
  • Translate long file names to short, and vice versa.
  • Use the standard Windows common file dialog (multiple file selection)
  • Run an application as an NT Service (32-bit, NT).
  • Use the Windows 95/NT registry.
  • Get the Windows 95/NT network user name
  • Add a simple print button that calls procedures based on browse tab
  • Set report font at runtime (with user selection).
  • Set date format for all date fields at runtime.
  • Move sequenced items up/down on a browse.
  • Save control formats (i.e. list box formats) between sessions.
  • Easily add options to list box pop-ups.
  • More...

Clarion Source Assistant version 1.8
Free to use, CFD 3.1 Source Code available for a small fee.

  • Reformats Clarion for DOS 2.x and 3.x, and Clarion for Windows source code to use indentation, single-statement lines, and comments where structures (such as LOOP...END IF...ELSEIF...END) begin and end. Template files may also be processed. Note that output is given a .CSA extension, so the original is not altered.

Runtime Library for Clarion 2 - 2004 beta
 - Fixes blank field problem on NT systems

  • Provided for developers who still use Clarion for Windows 2.

Our Products are written using Clarion.

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