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Internet address management
URL Manager can help you organize and categorize your favorite internet sites. Enter bookmarks manually, or import them automatically from HTML, comma-delimited and other documents, the Windows clipboard, Netscape bookmarks, or Internet Explorer bookmarks. In your URL Manager database, you can browse, print reports, create custom queries, or create custom HTML documents (simple, with tables, or with frames), web pages, or ASCII files! Use the clipboard monitor or browser interrogator (grab URLs right from your open internet browser) for fast easy input!  No matter where your URLs start out, they'll soon be under control, in one handy place.
*NEW: Easy to use import/export wizards with customizable HTML formats!*
Here's what some URL Manager users had to say...
  • Now **this** is the software I've been waiting for. I tried all kinds of similar software (like <title deleted>) but they either charge me too much money or didn't exactly perform in a way I wanted to. So, thank you and keep up the good work! - BH
  • I had out-of-town guests who were searching for relatives in Norway. We had 8 Netscape windows open, with sites they were interested in, when they had to go because of an emergency. With URL Manager I was able to create a custom HTML document with all 8 URLs in under a minute, and that included starting it up and saving to a floppy to take with them. Thanks for a great product! - GD
  • Dave Loves It! "URL Manager has been selected for inclusion at Dave Central (http://www.davecentral.com) -- as one of the freshest, greatest pieces internet related software available for the Windows platform."

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