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Schedule Wizard

How does Schedule Wizard compare to other products?

There are a number of products available that fall into the categories of "scheduler" and "automation", but none stack up to Schedule Wizard.

  • Easier to use! Wizards quickly guide you through basic tasks, while click-and-select actions make advanced scripting a breeze.  You don't have to be a computer wizard to create useful automation with Schedule Wizard!
  • More functionality! Schedule Wizard contains a easy-to-access set of truly useful features that let you do something, rather than endless confusing lists of never-to-be-used trivial functions.
  • Stable and responsive! Written in Visual C++, Delphi and Clarion for Windows using Clarion's revolutionary intelligent development system, Schedule Wizard is fast, robust, fully multi-threaded, and able to handle many tasks simultaneously. Schedule Wizard is the best solution available for mission-critical server applications.
  • Better under the hood! Schedule Wizard is memory and resource efficient.
  • Do it your way! Scripts can be created and edited by anyone using the standard click-and-select method, or even faster in "edit as text" mode. Not only can you create scripts, but you can re-use them in whole or in part with our template system.
  • Not a programmer?  Not a problem! Why struggle with  proprietary batch file languages, underpowered simplistic scheduling software, or learning a programming language you don't have time for? Schedule Wizard is designed for anybody to use without sacrificing power and flexibility.
  • Quality technical support, free! - Let our experienced staff assist you on a timely basis.  Our users rave about our support.
  • Not good enough? In many software products purchased today, you are stuck with what you get.  If you require a new feature, or need a defect fixed, you must either live without it, or pay for an upgrade once it is eventually available. With Schedule Wizard, you are not only less likely to find a defect, but you also get our commitment to providing timely improvements and fixes.
  • Our motto: We don't want to satisfy you - we want to delight you!