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Critical tasks require reliability. 

The whole purpose of computers is to do something, and usually do it over and over again.  Many software packages miss that last important piece of the puzzle:  doing it repeatedly, automatically.  That's where Schedule Wizard comes in.

  • Smart automation for business and information technology (IT) tasks.
  • Point and click script creation. No programming experience required.
  • Create scripts in minutes (or seconds!).
  • Create and use templates for common tasks.
  • Simple interface for simpler tasks, full-featured to handle complex situations.
  • Secure interface prevents unauthorized users from modifying tasks.
  • Internet-enabled; script actions include web, FTP, e-mail, PING and more.

Reviewers Agree
Schedule Wizard is the best way to automate your computer and keep your schedule.  It's a reliable, easy-to-use, award-winning application with more power and flexibility than any other scheduler or automation tool available.  Download a free trial version now!


Our existing clients provide our best references.  Here's just some of the feedback we have received:

"Thanks for the message on where to find the latest copy of Schedule Wizard. My company is running the utility on two machines 24 hours a day to start and stop an employee video broadcast system, and never has it failed us!
Great product!!" - pcg

"By the by, your schedule wizard is excellent. Easy to use, and VERY reliable." - lj

"I'm really glad our consultant recommended we check out Schedule Wizard. It does the job, and does it well....I wouldn't want to do without it!" - m&t legal


Schedule Wizard is in use right now by everyone from home users to IT departments in some of the largest companies in the world. Here are just a few examples of what our existing users do:

  • System maintenance such as making backups, de-fragmenting and repairing hard drives.
  • Start and stop programs.
  • Start and stop playback of various media.
  • Copy, move, or backup files to a network or Internet location.
  • Interact with other applications so that they may be run unattended (run a program in batch mode, even when it doesn't have a batch mode!).
  • Automate repetitive data entry, analysis, and calculations.
  • Create macros.
  • Send e-mail - progress reports, bulk e-mail, attachments, anything!
  • Retrieve newsgroup headers and messages.
  • Get stock quotes.
  • Get reminders and advanced warning of important events.
  • Use it as an alarm clock.
  • Compile and test software.
  • Record a radio program overnight.
  • Run month-end accounting processes.
  • Track appointments and critical dates.

If you do it every day, if you do it once in a while, or even if you do it once, you can do it easier and more reliably with Schedule Wizard! Download a free trial version now!

Version 4.0 has just been released!

Execution of tasks in version 4.0 is now done with a single multi-purpose module separate from the user interface module. This means greater flexibility and more reliability as all logic is in one location.

Major time-consuming script actions such as sending e-mail and web downloads are now performed asynchronously in their own thread in order to allow for better real time performance and to avoid having connection delays affect other processing.

The user interface has been upgraded. On operating systems such as Windows XP that support themes, those themes are completely integrated into the user interface. On older operating systems, all user interface features are supported, but the appearance may differ from newer operating systems.

In particular, the script action maintenance interface has been enhanced to make adding actions as quick and seamless as possible.

The 4.0 release is intended to be 100% compatible with earlier versions, yet provides a stable and flexible platform for future enhancements.